• Aronkart Baby Mosquito Net Foldable, Breathable Fabric Mesh, Eco-Friendly, Repellent (0-12 Months) – Multi Color

    The mosquito net has a uniquely stylish and hassle-less mosquito net that helps you stay away from mosquito and insect bites. Prevent you are loved ones from dreadful disease like malaria and dengue. Made from spring steel technology frames which make it flexible and safe to sleep in. No need for separate rods to hang the net as it comes with a strong flexible frame that fixes easily. The net can be folded and easily stored in a carry bag therefore space saver too. During summers the one can use it on the terrace too. To prevent your baby from dropping down on the floor. Additionally, this baby mosquito net has large zippers which facilitate easy entry and exit of your baby. A healthy sleeping baby mosquito net can be easily hand washed and not to be shrinking. Easy in assemblage, this mosquito net provides maximum ventilation to your baby while your baby is sleeping. Easy to place on beds, floor, or outdoors. The product has a base and is made up of cloth. foldable mosquito net. The net is very durable and can be opened and closed daily. foldable mosquito net along with a cloth carry bag. These cloth carry bags are more durable than other bags in the market. product is made of the finest mesh which ensures super quality and restricts flies and mosquitoes from entering the net. provided with a large zipper gate on one side for easy and convenient entry and exit. The best and the heavy quality zip is used in the making of this product. How to fold: hold the net from both sides. join two parts of the net together and twist to fold it into a smaller size. after folding, put it inside the bag.

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